Athlete Selection

Selection Sub-Committee

Chairman – Mr. Wong Po Kit (Member of Executive Committee)

Member – Mr. Wong Po Kit, Ms. Cheung Nga Sze, Dr. Lai Cheuck Seen, Mr. Sasahara Shoji, Mr. Horibe Masahiro and Mr. Kishikawa Roberto.


1. The purpose of this Selection Policy is to outline the eligibility and selection criteria for athletes:

A. Joining the feeder training programs of the Hong Kong Kendo Association;

B. Participating in oversea tournaments in the name of “Hong Kong, China”.

C. Other associated issue is also covered.


1. Applicants should possess HKSAR passport;

2. Applicants should be Sho Dan or above and not younger than 16 years old at the time when submitting the HK team list for World Kendo Championship application;

3. Any member of HKKA or from HKKA’s associate Dojo, who met all of the following requirements are eligible to enroll in the squad training program.

- Recommended by his/her dojo master.

- Currently practicing with bogu (kendo armor equipment).

General Policies

2. The overriding principles for the selection process are impartiality, integrity, transparency and fair play.

3. The Association will assume responsibility for selection of athletes to participate in tournaments in the name of “Hong Kong, China”. The Association will not assume responsibility for any matter relating to members’ participation in oversea tournament as individuals not representing “Hong Kong, China”, or in the name of entities other than “Hong Kong, China” (e.g. participation in World Kendo Championships, CKOU, or any International games)

4. To avoid conflict of interest, a referee or judge will not take part in match where the contestant belongs to the same kendojo/ kendo organization as the referee or judge. For the avoidance of doubt:

A. “organization” is defined as the organization registered in Hong Kong under the Societies Ordinance (Cap.151), Laws of Hong Kong.

B. A referee or judge will not be debarred from acting as such because he/she belongs to the same organization as any member of the General Committee.

Selection mechanism

1. The whole selection process will be divided into 4 phases. There will be several requirements to be met in each phase. Those who cannot complete the requirements will not be able proceeding to the next phase. Only those who successfully completed all the 4 phases will be considered as potential HK Team Members.

• Phase1 – Period: 1/2019~6/2019, attendance not less than: 25%

(At least attend 2 times of the squad training per month)

• Phase 2 – Period: 7/2019~12/2019, attendance not less than: 25%

(At least attend 2 times of the squad training per month) Shiai result is considered.

• Phase 3 – Period: 1/2020~6/2020, attendance not less than:35%

(At least attend 3 times of the squad training per month) Shiai result is considered.

• Phase 4 – Period: 7/2020~12/2020, attendance not less than:35%

(At least attend 3 times of the squad training per month) Shiai result is considered.

2. Attendance is the minimum requirement; those who cannot fulfill the attendance requirement in each phase would be disqualified;

3. Shiai result does not only refer to win/loss point results, the skills and performance of player will also be considered;

4. Attitude such as dedication, team spirit and potentiality as a member in the future etc. will also be considered;

5. Applicants must fill in the part of ‘Health declaration’ in the application form and the attached disclaimer form to finish the application procedure. Hong Kong Kendo Association and the assigned HK team coaches would not be responsible for any injury or death during any practice and events relating 18th WKC.

6. The application period should only be 18th December 2019 – 18th January 2019. Any late application would not be accepted. Phase 1 will officially begin right after application deadline.

Selection Criteria

- Athletes’ current Hong Kong ranking

- Current form of the athletes

- Discipline, attitude and commitment of the athletes

- Long term benefits to the growth of Kendo in Hong Kong

- Budget allowed

The selection committee uses all the above-mentioned criteria as a whole when selecting athletes to compete in major international competitions.

Appeal Mechanism

- The athlete who disagrees with the selection result may appeal to Hong Kong Kendo Association in writing with reasons justified within 7 working days of the date of result announcement.

- The chairman of Hong Kong Kendo Association shall form a Special Panel to handle the appeal and its decision shall be final.

- The final decision shall be given to the athlete in writing within 14 days of the date of appeal.


The Hong Kong Kendo Association Limited. has the final interpretation of the above mentioned and the right to amend the above procedures