Iaido Introduction

Iaido Training Class


9:00pm - 11:00pm (every Friday)


Please refer to our training schedule.

Contact Person:

Ms Lee 2504-8145


HK$300/monthly (only accept quarterly payment HK$900)

(The training venue and time may vary. HKKA will not be responsible on informing members on any changes on the venue and time, thus members are strongly advised to check the venue and time on the timetable at HKKA website before class.)

About Iaido

Iaido and Kendo are two sides of the same coin. The difference between the two is that Kendo uses Shinai and wears Bogu to fight against opponents while Iaido is a solo practice with the imaginary opponent(s) based on specific situations. When practicing Iaido, not only do you require sophisticated techniques but you also have to combine many imaginations to express the meaning of the katas, in order to achieve the purpose of honing skills and minds. Like Kendo, Iaido emphasizes etiquette, it must begin with etiquette and end with etiquette.

There are many different schools of iai with completely different techniques and forms (or katas). HKKA practices Seitei iai formulated by All Japan Kendo Federation as a foundation training.

Agnes Lee Sensei, Iaido 5th Dan


Iaido equipment generally includes Dogi, Iaito, Iai Obi, and a pair of knee protectors. Beginners can temporarily rent Iaito and Obi from HKKA for a short period if required.